The Rating System

Hey guys, it’s Gvaat. Every tutorial on this site is rated through the Workshop’s rating system. The system works for you to help you better find content suitable to what you want to learn about and your experience level.

Below is an explanation of how the system works. You can find all tutorials with a certain rating by using the explore bar at the bottom of this page.

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A1 - Beginner or Art 100

Beginner. Stuff every artist should know.

A2 - Intermediate or Art 200

Intermediate. Things are not so easy any more.

A3 - Advanced or Art 300

Content rated Advanced assumes a thorough practical understanding of intermediate drawing and painting knowledge.

Each tutorial on is rated A1 – A3 and also has a rating in at least one of the topics below.  You can easily find the tutorial’s rating at the very top of each tutorial page: 

Tutorial rating circled - top left. Each tutorial on is rated.

C - Composition​

Composition. Content related to creation of pleasing compositions.

A - Anatomy​

Anatomy. Content related to understanding of human anatomy as it relates to visual expression.

M - Manga/Anime​

Manga / Anime. Content related to creation of Manga art and stylization. 

T - Tools​

Tools. Content related to the artist’s tools and materials.

R - Color​

Color. Content related to practical application of color and the Color Contrasts. 

You can find all tutorials on each topic by clicking any of the links in the explore bar below. The explore bar can also be found in the sidebar of each tutorial.