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Top Clip Studio Paint Shortcuts for Artists

Drawing by Gvaat using Clip Studio Paint and Clip Studio Paint shortcuts

Clip Studio Paint is an amazing tool! Clip Studio Paint shortcuts significantly speed up workflow. Like, it is not even close! In this post, I compiled the very best Clip Studio Paint shortcuts for digital artists. My goal is to include as many most useful shortcuts Clip Studio Paint shortcuts as possible

As I wrote in my post on Photoshop shortcuts, once you integrate shortcuts into your creative process, you will create faster. The experience of using Clip Studio Paint with shortcuts will become more pleasant, and your creative process will become more pleasant as well.

The ease of use and time-savings greatly outweigh the time it takes to memorize and implement Clip Studio Paint shortcuts for drawing and painting.

Brush Tool B
Pen Tool P
Increase Brush Size ]
Reduce Brush Size [
Copy Ctrl+C
Paste Ctrl+V
Cut Ctrl+X
Eraser Tool E
Rotate R
Eyedropper I
Fill Tool G
Undo Ctrl+Z
Transform Ctrl+T
Select All Ctrl+A
Deselect Ctrl+D
Move Layer Tool K
Hand Tool/canvas move tool: H
Flip Horizontal: no shorcut, you can add you own.
Select All Ctrl+A
Start new canvas Ctrl+N
Open saved canvas Ctrl+O
Blend tool J

Okay, so these are the top useful shortcuts for Clip Studio Paint. What shortcut do you find most helpful for Clip Studio Paint? Let me know here. What more is there to say? It is time to draw!